Little story about us!


Panama Realty Zone was established in 2013 by two independent real estate professionals, Olga Mikhaylova and Olga Popova, both Russian natives with over 10 years of living on permanent basis in Panama. We lived the rapid real estate market growth from its the very beginning.


Olga Mikhaylova

Olga arrived to Panama in 2003, after living for several years in Europe, originally from Russia. For more than 5 years she has worked in one of the biggest and most important lawyers’ office in Panama City. Everything related to companies and foundation and investment protection, contracts elaboration and revision Olga knows from within. She got a real estate license and started as independent real estate agent in 2011. Olga speaks fluent English, Spanish and some German, Russian native language. Olga really enjoys Panamanian life and loves its people.

When not working, she loves doing sports, going to the beaches, travelling, and most of all being with her 6-year-old daughter.

Olga Popova

Olga came to Panama in 2004 as financial advisor, analytic and consultant, Olga is originally from Russia. She is in sales since she was 15 and possesses an innate talent for it. She understands instantly what are the needs of the client and his main priorities in the purchase of the property. She will offer the best choices available on the market and will help you to take the right decision, her advice is always of great value. If you sell, she will provide you with accurate and updated market information so you can set a correct value to your property and will help you with setting realistic expectations.

When Olga is not working, she spends time with her daughter and Panamanian husband, she loves jogging, going to nice restaurants and sharing with friends and family.

Susana Fung is in charge of our Chinese clients. She came to Panama from Venezuela several years ago. She is of Chinese origin, speaks Spanish and Catalan.